Alpha 2 released!

A new alpha version of Roll o' Tomasi is out!
This release aims to refine some gameplay dynamics, other than add a couple of new features that we hope makes the game more interesting.

What you will find in Alpha 2:

  • 5 brand new levels: two of them in the Grassland biome (which is meant to be the tutorial section of the game) and three more in the Desert biome; we've marked new levels for you in the "Select Level" option in the Main Menu;
  • New camera control, to better look around and understand how the level is built, or where you can jump;
  • New enemy: a little dust devil that moves around and really doesn't like to be touched ;)
  • UI improvements: we now have a StartLevel screen and a Pause screen.

We hope you enjoy the new levels and challenges we added in this release. We still have a lot to work on to make the game feel more "real" and we can't wait to release all the ideas we have in store for this project.

As always, please always feel free to leave feedback and suggestions in the comments section!

See you for the next update,
Mattia and Valentina

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Mar 30, 2018

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