Weekly devlog: in-game menu and dynamic enemies

Hi everyone,
first of all we wanted to thank itch for tweeting about our game today!! It was a big surprise for us and an honour. So welcome to all our new visitors and followers :)

But let's go back to the update... as the title said, we're concentrating on two features: in-game menus and our first dynamic enemy.

In-game menus

We're putting together all the pieces of a full gameplay in order to see how a playing session flows. Our released demo missed a few pieces in this sense: a level-start menu, that tells you what are the objectives of this level, and a pause menu, to let you not only pause the game, but review the objectives and, well, go back to the main menu for example.

While building this we noticed that we really liked the fact that, in the demo, when you die you are immediatly sent back to the start of the level; we were in doubt as if to put a middle-screen there (like a "game over" screen, and/or the level-start menu again), but we noticed that it broke up the rhythm of the game too much, so we opt to removed it, and let the player retry the level right away.

So, the flow - for now - should be this:


We're also starting to work on "dynamic" enemies, so enemies that move inside the level according to different rules. We have the 3D model for our first enemy for the desert biome, a mini dust devil, and it looks like this:

The enemy moves across the tiles and the player has to avoid it by jumping over it. We're very satisfied because we could see how even a little element like this adds plenty of fun and dynamics to the gameplay. Let's hope you will agree with us when we release the alpha2!


And we guess it's all for this week! 
Please always feel free to leave feedback and suggestions in the comments section!

See you for the next update,
Mattia and Valentina

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